Jean Yves Tercy

Jean Y. Tercy was born in Haiti in 1955. he received the grace of God at the age of 19, and has remained ever since a Christian, Following his Savior, Jesus Christ. Mr. Tercy has been married to his beautiful wife, Maude for 36 years and has raised 3 beautiful children. He is also the grandfather of 2 beautiful grandchildren. Mr. Tercy began his education in Haiti and continued to educate himself when he arrived in America, in order to contribute to his family, to the Church, and to the mission of the gospel, he understood that he needed to continue his education. He completed a bachelor’s in ministry at Andersonville theological seminary, in 2015. He is currently pursuing his master’s in biblical studies.

Preaching the Gospel to the lost, has always been a calling of brother tercy, because of the way he received Jesus. It was through a little new Testament gedeon bible in 1974. That is why mr. tercy’s ultimate goal is to share the great commission. Because of the great histories of the bible, brother tercy became a lover of History in general, and found that the creator god is at the center of the history of humanity.