Joel Buissereth

Joel Buissereth was born in Labaleine-Aquin, Haiti. He actually is a member of the Directive Committee of HMTCC. He spent 5 years in Miami, Fla working for MCC and World Vision surveying all Haitian Churches to create an address book for them. Through that project,he established Haitian Bible Institute to equip the leaders to better serve their churches. He has ministered as a Lead Pastor for the Children Ministry, Youth Ministry and the main Congregation of Haitian Ministry Theophile Church in Christ for 16 years. In 1984, he established a Christian School in his community of Labaleine. He is the chairperson of the committee in charge of MEVAVIH(Mission Évangélique Arbre de Vie d ‘ Haïti) He has a Bachelor Degree in Theology and Human Resources Management from Trinity International University, a Master Degree in Christian Education and Biblical Studies from Luther Rice Seminary and a Doctorate Degree in Christian Education from Andersonville Theological Seminary.

Joel Buissereth is married to Rachel Louis-Charles Buissereth who has a BSN degree from Florida International University and works at Emory Hospital in Atlanta,Ga . Joel Buissereth is the father of three Sons: Rev. Samuel L Buissereth, Gardel J Buissereth and Raphael J Buissereth. He is also the grandfather of two beautiful girls: Juliana and Zahra.
“I have engraved you in the palms of my hands says the Lord” Isaiah 49:16
“Save yourselves from this corrupt generation” Acts 2:40