Miguel Charlestin

Deacon Miguel Charlestin was born in Haiti. He grew in a Christian family and is number 3 of 8 children. He became a member of the Baptiste Church of Port à piment where he also served as a deacon for many years until his relocation to the US in 1994. He has been married for 47 years to a devoted woman of God, our sister Marie Anita Charlestin. He has 7 children and 6 grandchildren. He has been a member of HMTCC in Atlanta for over 25 years where he has served in different capacities. He is currently serving as vice president of the deacons group. In 2012, God put in his heart to start small group prayer services throughout different cities for the members of the Atlanta Church. With the approval of the both committees, this activity has become a movement among the church members. It is indeed a movement and we are all thankful for its success. In the near future, this small group activity will be expanded to Theophile Churches throughout the US and Haiti as requested and approved by the Executive comminuty of the organization. Miguel will be working alongside the local church leaders for the continued success of this program. He is currently retired and enjoy spending time with his family specially his grandchildren.