Serge Gustave

Serge Gustave Sr. was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The fourth child of eight, he learned early on the importance of understanding what it meant to follow and what it meant to lead. He left the country and family that he called home in 1980 to begin a new life in America. Once in Miami, Florida, Mr. Gustave was a Haitian National Soccer Team player and also played soccer for Miami-Dade College. After two years of living in Miami, Mr. Gustave moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Once in Georgia, Mr. Gustave joined Haitian Ministry Theophile Church in Christ as a non-member. In 1989, Mr. Gustave was baptized at the church and in the same year married his loving wife, Emmanuella Gustave. Over the next decade, Mr. Gustave continued to work serving the Lord as well as being a father of five and a husband. In 1991, he served as president of the Soldat men’s group of the church. 

He also served as Executive Committee Assistant Secretary from 1991 until 2005. During his final year as Executive Committee Assistant Secretary, Mr. Gustave was called by God to become a deacon. A year later, Mr. Gustave became the Chairman of the deacons, a title to which he still holds to this day. He now, also serves on the Directive Committee of the Organization. Mr. Gustave enjoys playing soccer, watching sports, being a father and husband, and serving the Lord.